Established in 1963 Jake's has built its reputation as a professional coin dealer on complete customer satisfaction to the coin collecting community. We specialize mainly in U.S. coins and promise the coin collector that be it a rare coin or common date old coin, a copper coin, silver coin, or a gold coin, they can always be assured of receiving accurately graded coins for their coin collection, at very competitive prices.
We feature one of the largest selections of coin collecting and coin collector supply's on the Internet, all at discount prices. We are distributors for most of the major manufactures of coin supplies: Air-Tite, Dansco, Whitman, Edgar Marcus, H.E. Harris, Littleton, Vidiforms, Meghrig, Numis, etc. and offer distributor wholesale pricing to dealers and retailers.
When it comes time to sell your coins keep in mind that we are specialist and know old coins as well as up-to-the-minute coin values. We do coin appraisals for estates, banks, heirs, as well as coin collectors looking to sell some of their numismatic holdings. All dealings are always strictly confidential.
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100% White Cotton Lisle Gloves
Master List of All Types of Coin Holders
2" x 2" Coin Envelopes
2" x 2" Precut Coin Flip Inserts
2" x 3" Snap Lock Coin Display Holders
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Air-Tite Black Leatherette Clamshell Coin Gift Boxes
Air-Tite Cherry Wood Coin Gift Boxes & Presentation Cases
Air-Tite Christmas Coin Gift Boxes
Air-Tite Coin Holder Product List
Air-Tite Coin Holders In Bulk Quantities
Air-Tite Direct Fit Coin Holders
Air-Tite Plain Cardboard Coin Gift Boxes
Air-Tite Special Occasion Coin Gift Boxes
Ait-Tite Blue Velvet Clamshell Coin Gift Boxes
Ait-Tite Coin Holders
Ait-Tite Coin Storage Boxes
Archival Quality 3-Ring Binder 3 & 4 Pocket Currency Pages
Archival Quality Currency Holders
Archival Quality Currency Holders For Large Foreign Banknotes
Arrow P22 Heavy Duty Pliers-Type Stapler & Staples
Birth Year Coin Holders
Capital Plastic Coin Holders
Cargo DryPak
Champion Custom Oak Coin Frames
Coin Gift Boxes Complete Product List
Coin Holders for Silver Dollars
Coin Holders for Silver Eagle Dollars
Coin Storage Boxes
Coin Tubes - Round
Coin Tubes - Square
Coin Wallets
Coin World Premier Coin Holder Storage Box
Coin World Premier Coin Holders
Coin World Tag Wizard Kit & Labels 
Coin Worlds "Slab Type" Coin Holders
Coin Wrappers - Flat & Cartridge Type
Commemorative Jefferson Nickel Coin Holders
Commemorative Jefferson Nickel Wristwatches
Currency Storage Boxes
Dansco Coin Album Master Product List
Double Pocket 2" x 2" Safety Coin Flips
Double Pocket 2" x 2" Vinyl Coin Flips
Double Pocket Crown Size 2 1/2 " x 2/ 1/2 " Coin Safety Flips 
Double Pocket Mini 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" Safety Coin Flips
Eagle 2" x 2" Coin Storage Box & Holder Labels
Eagle Brand 2" x 2" Coin Holders
Eagle Brand Coin Albums
Eagle Certified Coin Albums & Pages
Eagle Certified Coin Storage Box
Eagle Modern Commemorative Encapsulated Coin Albums
Eagle U.S. Proof & Mint Set Albums
Eagle Ultra Coin Albums
Eagle Zipper Binders
Economy 3-Ring Coin Collector's Pages - 20 Pocket - 3 & 4 Pocket Currency
Edgar Marcus - Snap-Tite Coin Holders
Edgar Marcus Gold Eagle Coin Holders
Eva-Dry Self-Rejuvenating Mini Dehumidifiers
Extra Heavy Duty Currency Holders
Flower Frying Silica Gel
Fold & Staple Cardboard Coin Holders
Giant 3" Metal Coin Replicas
Gifts For the Newborn Baby
H.E. Harris 2" x 2" Coin Holders
H.E. Harris Coin Folders
H.E. Harris Currency Wallet
H.E. Harris Deluxe Currency Album
Historic Americana 4 Coin Presidential Dollar Coin Holder 
Historic Americana Presidential Dollar Display Board
Humidity Indicator Cards
Intercept Shield 2" x 2" Coin Holders
Intercept Shield Coin Albums
Intercept Shield Coin Storage Boxes
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Jake's Master List of all Coin Holders
Jake's master List of all Coin Pages
Jake's Master List of all Currency Albums
Jake's Master List of all Currency Holders
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Jake's Selection of World Currency
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Littleton Coin Folders
Littleton Deluxe Coin Albums
Littleton Deluxe Currency Album
Littleton Presidential Dollar Coin Series - Folders - Albums & Display Board 
Littleton Small Currency Album
Littleton Statehood Quarter Coin Folders
Littleton Statehood Quarter Deluxe Coin Albums
Littleton Statehood Quarter Maps
Magnifying Glasses Complete Product List
Marcus Four Coin Presidential Dollar Coin Holder 
Marcus Oak Frame 20th Century Wall Display Coin Holder
Numismatic Literature
Numismatic Reference Books
Official U.S. Mint 3-Ring Binder
Presidential Dollar Coin Series - Holders - Folders & Coin Albums
Roll & Coin Tube Storage Boxes
Roll Storage Boxes
Silica Gel - Packets / Canisters / Cartons
Silica Gel & Clay Desiccants Master Information Page
Silver Bars, Medallions & Currency Certificates
Solid Oak Birth Year Coin Holders
Solid Oak Frame Coin Displays
Special Occasion Coin Holders Complete Product List
Specialized Numismatic Reference Books
Specialty Theme Coin Holders Complete Product List
Specimen Euro Notes - Complete Sets & Singles
Statehood Commemorative Quarter Complete Product List
Supersafe 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" Self Sealing Coin Holders
Supersafe 2" x 2" Self Sealing Coin Holders
SuperSafe Deluxe Currency Album
Supersafe Museum Grade Currency Holders
Two Headed and Two Tailed Coins
U.S. Coin Valuation Guide Books
U.S. Currency Valuation Guide Books
U.S. Mint Velvet Clamshell American Eagle Coin Gift Boxes
White Cotton Gloves
White Cotton Inspection Gloves
Whitman Classic Deluxe Coin Albums
Whitman Coin Folders
Whitman Frosty Case Coin Holder Storage Boxes
Whitman Presentation Cases for Certified Coins 
Whitman Presidential Dollar Coin Holders
Whitman Presidential Dollar Collector's Archive 
Whitman Presidential Dollar Collector's Folder & Collector's Portfolio
Whitman Snap Lock Plastic Coin Holders
Whitman's Classic Presidential Dollar Coin Album 
World Coin Valuation Guide Books
World Currency Valuation Guide Books