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We Buy Coins

Jake's U.S. Coin & Currency Buy Prices

Our Buy Pages for all U.S. Coin Series is temporally off line.

If you have coins to sell please email us at Question@Jakesmp.net
with a list of what you have to offer and include your phone number.

House Calls

If you are in our area and have coins to sell arrangements can be made to meet with
you personally at your home or bank. A prearranged appointment is required.
To schedule an appointment contact Robert Jacobs 1-847-277-9814

If your collection warrants, we also travel Nationwide to buy. Bank references upon request.

All transactions are strictly confidential!

We are in the process of doing a complete revision to all of our buy prices!
The links on the left that are in a yellow box have been completed.
Hope to have this finished soon!
Thank You - Jake

Do You Have Coins To Sell?

If you have answered yes to the above question then there is another very important question that must be answered before you sell your coins.

That Question Is:

Does the dealer that I am going to sell my coins to have a well established and extremely strong retail base operation? Or do they rely heavily on a wholesale market and sell to other dealers at the weekend coin shows they attend, in an effort to liquidate the majority of their recent coin purchases, and keep a more constant cash flow?

There is a very big difference between the two types of dealers and a substantial difference in the price you'll receive for your coins when you sell. So, if you have coins to sell now, or perhaps at a later date, be sure that you make the right choice when selecting the dealer you sell to in order to guarantee that you'll get the most money for what you have to sell!

We at Jake's Marketplace, Inc. take great pride in the fact that ever since 1963 when Grandpa Jake opened his first coin shop we have always been very aggressive buyers of all types of numismatic material to meet our constantly growing retail, mail order, and Internet needs.

All buy prices shown are subject to market changes. The buy prices quoted are for those items that are shipped directly to us and may be slightly lower when we travel to you to buy because of additional expenses incurred. Fees for our appraisal services are available on request and are very reasonable.

Coin dealers have always been one of our prime sources for buying coins!


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