Jake's U.S. Year Sets 1900 - 2013

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Year sets make great gifts for young and old, friends and family, or for any gift-giving occasion. Choose a significant or nostalgic date like an Anniversary, a Birth Year, Wedding Year, Graduation Day. It's truly a unique, and thoughtfully personalized gift.

Each set contains a coin of each denomination that was minted during that year*: Cent, Nickel, Dime, Quarter, Half Dollar, and a Dollar coin if issued that year.

All sets are mounted in an attractive, rigid plastic, snap lock display holder as pictured above.

Coin Condition: 1900-1964 will grade full-Good or better. All sets dated 1965 to Date wil be Brilliant Mint State condition.

(*) When Multi-designed Mint issued coins for a year exist Jake's reservers the right to select the coin of our choice for these selections.

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Birthyear, Mint and Year Set, Custom Wood Plaques.

Year Sets 1900 - 2013

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