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A Industry standard in Coin Preservation!

To provide the best protection for your coins we recommend the AIR-TITE coin holders. They are made from clear acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent. The insert that fits around the coin is manufactured from a polyethylene material that contains no PVC or other materials which are harmful to coins or medallions. The holders are completely inert.

Because of the wide range of sizes available they are a great way to package and preserve all of your more valuable coins. Air-Tite holders are also available in a Direct Fit which does not require the spacer ring. Direct Fit holders are available for all modern U.S. coin sizes from cents, to Dollars large or small, 40mm Silver Eagle dollars, 39mm silver rounds, 1oz. silver bars and now the new National Park Quarter 3" 5 oz. Silver Medallion.

The Air-Tite holder and frame combination is an excellent way to build an attractive coin display at an affordable price. These complete units come with the Air-Tite holder, display card, and frame. The display cards are covered with velour and are available in the following colors: black, blue, or burgundy. Each display card fits into a two-part snap-together black frame measuring 3 1/2" x 3 1/2". The frames have a grain finish on the face to prevent scratching.

Also available are specialty and special occasion holders & frames which are hot-stamped with a specialty title on the frame. Stands and easels are available for all Air-Tite holders and frames so you can proudly display them in an upright position. Air-Tite also has two great storage boxes available for organizing and storing your coins that are in Air-Tite holders & frames or display cards.

Prices shown for all Air-Tite Holders and Frames are without coins.

Index of Air-Tite Products:

Millimeter Chart
This chart shows you what size Air-Tite holder is needed for each individual U.S. coin from half cents to dollars, all U.S. gold coins, and some of the more popular World coins.

Air-Tite Coin Holders
There are 33 Different sizes from 10 millimeter to 42 millimeter to choose from. Each holder comes with a foam ring (not harmful to coin) that holds the coin snugly in place. You have a choice of either a black or white ring. Direct Fit holders are also available for all of the modern coin sizes as well as 39 mm silver rounds, 1 oz. silver bars, casino chips, and 44.5 mm medallions.

Air-Tite Direct Fit Coin Holders
Direct fit holders are available for all of the modern issues of U.S. coins, cents, nickels, dimes, quarters, half-dollars, large and small dollars, 40mm Silver Eagle dollars, 39 mm silver rounds, casino chips, 44.5 mm medallions, Z5 3" medallions, and 1 oz. silver bars.

With a direct fit holder no foam insert ring is required!

Air-Tite Coin Holders In Bulk Quantities
Both the ring type and the direct fit Air-Tite holders are available in bulk quantities (case lot of 250 holders) at a substantial discount from the individual holder pricing.

Air-Tite Display Cards
Frames to accommodate all of the millimeter sizes of Air-Tite holders.

Air-Tite Coin Holders & Frames
Air-Tite holders and frames for cents to dollars and 1 oz. silver rounds.

Air-Tite Specialty Coin Holders & Frames
Air-Tite specialty holders and frames are available for all U.S. gold coins and silver and gold American Eagle coins. All of the Air-Tite specialty holders and frames have a hot-stamped specialty title on the frame.

Air-Tite Special Occasion Coin Holders & Frames
Birthdays - Anniversaries - Christmas
All of the Air-Tite special occasion holders and frames have a hot-stamped specialty title on the frame.

Air-Tite Storage Boxes
There are two types of storage boxes to choose from. One will hold just the Air-Tite display cards while the other will accommodate the complete holder and frame combination.

Air-Tite Accessories
Plastic stands, easel and storage boxes.

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