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34 Different millimeter sizes to choose from.

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To provide the best protection for your coins we recommend the AIR-TITE coin holders. They are made from clear acrylic plastic with a non-yellowing agent. The insert that fits around the coin (available in BLACK or WHITE) is manufactured from a polyethylene material that contains no PVC or other materials which are harmful to coins and medallions. The holders are completely inert. Because of the wide range of sizes available they are a great way to package and preserve all of your more valuable coins.

If you are using or making a custom display to house the Air-Tite coin holders
see the chart below for the outside dimensions and depth of each model.

Outside Dimensions & Depth of Air-Tite Coin Holders
There are four basic sizes in the Air-Tite coin holders shown below that will
accommodate coins from 10 millimeter to 42 millimeter in size including the ring.

Y-65 Capsule with Black Adapter fits 50.8mm, or 65mm as a Direct fit.

For Coin Sizes
30.93 MM
1.57 MM
For coin sizes from 10 MM to 19 MM
36.49 MM
2.03 MM
For coin sizes from 20 MM to 25 MM
44.45 MM
3.17 MM
For coin sizes from 26 MM to 32 MM
51.58 MM
2.92 MM
For coin sizes from 33 MM to 42 MM
71.37 MM
5.48 MM
For coin size 50.8mm or 65mm

We also stock the Direct Fit Ait-Tite Holders which do not require an insert ring.

Need large quantities of Air-Tite holders?
We offer Air-Tite Holders By The Case - 250 count.

.gif of a millimeter gauge for coins

Not sure what size Air-Tite holder to order?
Use the Millimeter Chart which list all U.S. coins from half cents
to dollars, gold coins and some of the more popular World coins.

Or Check Out This Extremely Useful Tool!

Takes the guesswork out of determining the diameter and thickness of coins, tokens, medals and medallions. This sensational and easy to use Coin Size Gauge from CoinSafe will measure any coin from 10mm to 50 mm in 0.5 millimeter increments.

Great tool for the collector or coin dealer!

Prices shown for all Air-Tite Holders and Frames are without coins.

Air-Tite Holders

Quantity Discounts

When you orderx 50 or more you Savex 5¢ per holder
When you order 100 or more you Save 15¢ per holder

Yes, you can mix or match sizes and rings to obtain the maximum discount.
(Discount will be shown on your cart invoice.)

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ATH 10
Air-Tite Holder - 10 mm
ATH 11
Air-Tite Holder - 11 mm
ATH 12
Air-Tite Holder - 12 mm
ATH 13

Air-Tite Holder - 13 mm

U.S. $1.00 Gold Type 1

ATH 14

Air-Tite Holder - 14 mm

Silver Three-Cent Pieces

ATH 15

Air-Tite Holder - 15 mm

Half Dimes 1829-1873
U.S. $1.00 Gold Type 2 and 3

ATH 16

Air-Tite Holder - 16 mm

Half Dimes 1794-1805
U.S. 1/10 oz. Gold Eagle

ATH 17
Air-Tite Holder - 17 mm
ATH 18

Air-Tite Holder - 18 mm

Nickel Three-Cent Pieces
Bust Dimes 1809-1837
Seated, Barber, Mercury and
Roosevelt Dimes
U.S. Liberty, Indian and
Commemorative $2.50 Gold

ATH 19

Air-Tite Holder - 19 mm

Flying Eagle, Indian and
Lincoln Cents
Bust Dimes 1796-1807

ATH 20

Air-Tite Holder - 20 mm

Shield Nickels
U.S. $3.00 Gold

ATH 21

Air-Tite Holder - 21 mm

Liberty, Buffalo and
Jefferson Nickels
U.S. Liberty and Indian
$5.00 Gold

ATH 22

Air-Tite Holder - 22 mm

Half Cent - Liberty Cap
Type 1793
Twenty-Cent Pieces
U.S. 1/4 oz. Gold Eagle

ATH 23

Air-Tite Holder - 23 mm

Half Cents - All other types
Two-Cent Pieces

ATH 24

Air-Tite Holder - 24 mm

Bust Quarters 1831-1838
Seated, Barber, Standing and Washington Quarters

ATH 25
Air-Tite Holder - 25 mm
ATH 26

Air-Tite Holder - 26 mm

Large Cent Chain Type
Large Cent Wreath Type
Susan B. Anthony Dollar

Sacagawea Dollar

Presidential Dollar

ATH 27

Air-Tite Holder - 27 mm

Large Cent Chain Type
Large Cent Wreath Type
Bust Quarters 1796-1828
U.S. Liberty and Indian
$10.00 Gold

ATH 28

Air-Tite Holder - 28 mm

Large Cent Wreath Type
U.S. 1/2 oz. Gold Eagle

ATH 29

Air-Tite Holder - 29 mm

Large Cents
Liberty Cap, Bust, Classic
and Coronet Types.

ATH 30

Air-Tite Holder - 30 mm

Seated, Barber, Walking, Franklin, and Kennedy

ATH 31
Air-Tite Holder - 31 mm
ATH 32

Air-Tite Holder - 32 mm

Bust Halves 1794-1836
U.S. 1 oz. Gold Eagle

ATH 33
Air-Tite Holder - 33 mm
ATH 34

Air-Tite Holder - 34 mm

U.S. Liberty and
St. Gaudens $20.00 Gold

ATH 35
Air-Tite Holder - 35 mm
ATH 36
Air-Tite Holder - 36 mm
ATH 37
Air-Tite Holder - 37 mm
ATH 38

Air-Tite Holder - 38 mm

Liberty Seated, Trade,
Morgan, Peace, and Eisenhower Dollars

ATH 39

Air-Tite Holder - 39 mm

Dollars from 1794-1839

ATH 40

Air-Tite Holder - 40 mm

Dollars from 1794-1839
Silver Eagle Dollars

ATH 41
Air-Tite Holder - 41 mm
ATH 42
Air-Tite Holder - 42 mm
Air-Tite Holder - 50.8mm - Black Ring,
Capsule is also Direct Fit f
or 65mm.


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ATA 2000

Plastic Easels - Clear or Black. Pkg. of 2

Air-Tite Easels in Clear or Black

Perfect for displaying coins in capsules!




Air-Tite Capsules sales have been moved to our new website at

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