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Superb Albums For United States And Foreign Coins, For The
Discerning Collector Who Will Only Accept The Very Best!

Dansco also offer an Archival Quality Slipcase with Silver-Guard Corrosion-Inhibiting protection build into the slipcase. This Military Specification material permanently neutralizes corrosive gases in the air that can cause toning and discoloring. This works with silver, gold, copper and nickel coins and medals, medallions, bars, and ferrous metals.

Dansco Coin Albums have always been made with the best archival materials and with the addition of this finely crafted slipcase the protection is invaluable.

Dansco 7000 series albums are designed for coins issued into general circulation, which include "P" Philadelphia and "D" Denver across all coin series. Older coin series will include "CC" Carson City, "O" New Orleans and "S" San Francisco.

Dansco 8000 series albums will include all ports found in the 7000 series as well as U.S. Mint Proof Only issues typically made in "S" San Francisco, or "W" West Point for the respective coin series.

This is truly an album you are going to be proud to own!


We have moved all Dansco album sales to our new website www.jakesmp.com

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