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Commemorative Jefferson Nickel Folders & Holders

.gif of a 3x2 snap lock coin holder for the new buffalo nickels

This page is devoted exclusively to show you the various types of specialty holders we have available for the Lewis and Clark Commemorative nickel issues in 2004 and 2005. Individual specialty holders like these are a great way to build a very educational display of your coins.

Attention Dealers and Retailers! We are distributors on most of the specialty holders shown on this page. If the link that says Additional Information and Prices is followed by a red it signifies that we have distributor status on that particular item and can offer them at wholesale prices.

Types of Folders Available

.gif of the h.e. harris coin folder for the new commemorative jefferson nickels This bi-fold H. E. Harris Westward Series 2004/2005 Commemorative Jefferson Nickel Folder makes the perfect tool for organizing the Lewis & Clark and the Westward Journey Series Commemorative Jefferson Nickels. Additional Information and Prices.

Types of Holders Available

.gif of a 3x2 snap lock coin holder for the 2004 and 2005 commemorative jefferson nickelsThe link to this page will show you 6 different individual Marcus 3" x 2" snap lock plastic holders imprinted with various themes to accommodate the Lewis & Clark Commemorative Jefferson nickels of 2004 and 2005. Additional Information and Prices.

.gif of a h.e. harris 3x2 coin holder for the commemorative jefferson nickels .gif of a 6x5 h.e. harris 4 coin holder for the 2004 and 2205 commemorative jefferson nickels coin supplies .gif on Jake's coin & coin supplies index page This link will take you to the Westward Journey Jefferson nickel holders by H. E. Harris. There are several different for the 2004 and 2005 issues for the Commemorative nickels as well as a larger holder that accommodate all of the coins. Additional Information and Prices.

.gif of the Marcus 4 coin nickel coin holder for the 2004 and 2005 commemorative jefferson nickels This attractive snap together Marcus holder will hold all 4 of the 2004/2005 Commemorative jefferson nickels; Peace medal. Keel Boat, Buffalo, and the Ocean View design. Additional Information and Prices.

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