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Birth Year Coin Holders

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Picture frame style with glass, solid Oak frame and four-color art makes for a very attractive package for these Birth Year coin holders. The display measures 8 3/8" x 6 3/8" in size and has a self attached easel on the reverse so the display can stand upright.

The Birth Year Coin holders come in a variety of coin combinations such as: One that will hold the larger size dollar like the Morgan, Peace or Ike. This is a great holder for the person that was born in the years those coins were issued. For the more recent years there are holders that will accommodate the Silver Eagle or the smaller Susan B. Anthony or Sacagawea dollar.

There are also two different Birth Year Coin holders that only hold 5 coins, cent to half dollar, for those years when no dollars were issued. Colors available are pink, blue or white.

Prices shown for Oak Frame Birth Year coin holders are without coins.
If you need the coins see Jake's Year Sets for coin prices.

Solid Oak Frame
Birth Year Coin Holders

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Birth Year 6 Coin Holder
Cent to half dollar & lg. dollar
Morgan, Peace or Ike

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OFBY2 Birth Year 6 Coin Holder
Cent to half dollar & sm. dollar
S. B. Anthony or Sacagawea
OFBY3 Birth Year 6 Coin Holder
Cent to half dollar &
Silver Eagle dollar

Birth Year 5 Coin Holder
Cent to half dollar

OFBY5 Birth Year 5 Coin Holder
Cent to half dollar


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