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Not sure if your application calls for a Clay Desiccant, Silica Gel or Cargo DryPak?
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Clay Desiccant Information

Activated clay desiccants control humidity and eliminate the risk of mildew or rust damage in sealed containers. The non-corrosive clay adsorbs up to 20% of its weight in water in 6 hours.

Activated clay desiccants in Kraft bags are designed for machine parts, document storage, chemicals and clothing.

Activated clay desiccants in Tyvek bags are recommended for shipping pharmaceuticals, electronic components and food. Clay desiccant in a Tyvek bag meets FDA specifications, is tear proof and dust free.

Clay desiccants are sold in units and each unit is 33 grams which is equal to 1.164042 oz. A 2 unit package (66 grams) will protect an area of 1.67 cubic feet.

Silica Gel Information

Active Ingredient:

All of our "fast and extra adsorbent" Silica Gel is manufactured to the highest specifications. Inert, nontoxic, and safe to use. Our Silica Gel remains dry to the touch even when saturated. And once saturated, can be easily reactivated in any conventional oven for lifetime protection. Silica Gel can adsorb 15% of its weight in water vapor in 2 hours. Meets FDA specifications for food and drug products.


Silica Gel has been the desiccant (drying agent) of choice by government and industry since W.W.II. By surface adsorption, Silica Gel drinks up excess humidity from the air. It prevents condensation within enclosed areas which causes irreparable damage: rust, corrosion, tarnish, oxidation, mildew, fungus, mold, odor, spoilage, spotting, toning, stains on stamps & documents; fogging of lenses; deterioration of foods and medicines.


Used within enclosed storage areas, Silica Gel, "drinks up" moisture to create a protective shield of dry air. "It's like a miniature dehumidifier working night and day." Yet, needs no electricity.

Please take a moment to read this additional information: Once you understand the "laws of nature" involved, you'll know how to prevent moisture damage to valuables stored within safes, cabinets, and other enclosed storage areas.

The Cause of Condensation, Rust, Mildew, Corrosion Within Enclosed Areas
such as safes, gun/camera/telescope cases, tool chests, display cabinets, storage containers, etc.

Warmer daytime air will hold more moisture in suspension and have a higher degree of relative humidity than cooler air. (It's a law of nature.)

As the air cools ... in the evening or when exposed to cooler surfaces ... its relative humidity increases automatically, releasing moisture that had been suspended in the air.

This released moisture has to go somewhere. Outdoors, it can "evaporate" into the clouds or collect as dew on the grass. But, within an enclosed area, the trapped moisture has no where to go other than condense onto all interior surfaces, including valuables stored within.

This regular cycle of minute almost imperceptible condensation from trapped air is the cause of most rust, mildew, etc., affecting valuables stored within enclosed storage areas.

The only solution is to remove the excess moisture from trapped air before it can condense onto valuables causing costly, often irreparable, damage. (Gun, camera and electronic manufactures know this and regularly include small packets of dehumidifying Silica Gel in shipments of new equipment.

Silica Gel is the Dehumidifier of Choice for Use Within Enclosed Areas

Since W.W.II, Silica Gel has been the desiccant of choice by government and industry for use within enclosed storage areas. Requiring no electricity, Silica Gel is in the form of chemically inert granules which are nontoxic and safe to use with sensitive material ... even food and medicines. These man made granules contain thousands of tiny crevices which literally "drink up" moisture from the air by surface adsorption to create a protective shield of dry air within any enclosed area.

Our highest quality Silica Gel has 2 other important advantages over less expensive dehumidifiers:

1. Unlike other chemical dehumidifiers, Silica Gel completely adsorbs the moisture so that Silica Gel remains dry to the touch even when saturated. ( And there are no tub reservoirs to contend with.)

2. When saturated, Silica Gel can be easily reactivated in any conventional oven. Provides a lifetime of protection.

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