Bulk Silica Gel

silica gel .gif clay desiccants & silica gel

If you're a volume consumer of Silica Gel buying in bulk quantities offers a tremendous savings over a smaller packaged product.

150 Lb's - Silica Gel - Bulk Drum (*)
Mill Spec - Non Indicator

(*) This item, because of its weight, requires an
independent freight company for delivery.

The shipping fee our shopping cart calculates will be
credited towards the additional cost of this service.

We will E-mail you the details of this additional
service cost for shipping before your order is shipped.

silica gel .gif clay desiccants & silica gel
150 Lb. Bulk Drum - (*)  
150 Lb. Bulk Drum - (*)  
150 Lb. Bulk Drum - (*)  

Sorry this item has bene discontinued.

Not sure if your application calls for a Clay Desiccant, Silica Gel or Cargo DryPak?
See our Product Application Guide

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