Arrow P22

Heavy Duty Plier-Type Stapler

P-22 arrow stapler .gif

The ideal stapler for all of your stapling requirements!

As a professional coin dealer who over the years has literally stapled hundreds of thousands of coins into the Fold and Staple and Safety Flip coin holders I speak with a great deal of experience when I say that there is no finer stapler, and at a very affordable price, to do the job than the Arrow model P22 plier-type stapler.

With its plier-type grip and ease of operation it allows you to continue stapling for hours on end without the usual discomforts of pains or cramping of your hand you most often get with other types of staplers. Check out these great features:

Easy to disassemble and reassemble.

box of staples .gif on the P-22 Arrow P-22 stapler page

Staples are not included and must be ordered separately. We recommend you use the 1/4" staples when stapling the Fold and Staple coin holders and the 5/16" staples when your stapling project requires a staple just a tad longer in size.

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Arrow P22
Plier-Type Stapler

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AP22S-1 Box of 5,050
Arrow P22 1/4" staples
AP22S-2 Box of 5,050
Arrow P22 5/16" staples

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