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When all good things must come to an end. Find a mixture of products at incredible discounts priced to sell! Limited quantities!
Looking for a simplified way to inventory and track the value of your collection? Check out Jake's excellent selection of Inventory Management Software for U.S. coins, currency, Casino Chips and Books. For Canadian coins and currency we offer the Brookstone PC Based Valuation Guide and Inventory Program.

Although considerably higher in price than your basic Coin Folders, Coin Albums are the Deluxe way to go when building a coin series. Coin albums offer you a greater degree of protection for your higher priced coins. Selections include top sellers like Dansco, Eagle, Littleton and Whitman.

Coins and Currency are more than just dates, grades and types. There is a great history in numismatics! To gain a greater appreciation, a few good reference books are a must. Jake's features some of the most popular references available. Books for both the beginner and experienced collector to give you that needed information enhancing your knowledge and collecting experience. Check out Jake's selection of Numismatic Literature for Grading Books, Price Guides as well as specialized works.

This is a new Book Section we have added to our web site and although the majority of the books are Specialized World Coins such as Ancients, Medieval and a large selection for individual countries from A to Z you will also fine some titles pertaining to U.S. Coins and Currency. So, be sure to check it out when looking for Numismatic Literature.

Coin storage boxes are an ideal way to store and organize your coins once you have them in coin holders. We also have Storage Boxes for Certified Coins and Roll storage boxes to protect those new Statehood quarter rolls.

We offer one of the best selections of Coin Gift Boxes on the internet. This includes individual boxes, various theme boxes for special occasions like birthdays, anniversary's, graduations, and a selection of presentation cases.

Coin Folders, or sometimes refereed to as Coin Boards by the old time collectors, are by far the most economical way to assemble a series of coins into a set. Jake's highly recommends Coin Folders for lower price and circulated coins. Coin Folders are great for youngsters as well as beginners just starting to collect coins. Popular choices from Whitman, H. E. Harris and Littleton.

The CoinSafe coin gauge takes the guess work out of determining the diameter and thickness of coins, tokens, medals and medallions. Great tool for the collector!

A multitude of choices are available when it comes to coin holders. This includes Envelopes, Fold & Staple Holders as well as the popular Coin Flips. For more valuable coins you might consider some of the higher priced plastic holders which are available for single coins and sets.

Jake suggest that you check out each of the holders that we have listed to see what is best for your individual needs. Keep this in mind when making your choices: Low-value coins can be put into inexpensive coin envelopes or tubes. Higher-valued coins should be housed in premium holders that will give them a higher degree of protection from handling and possible environmental damage.

Under our heading of "Coin Pages" you'll find Vinyl pages for the 2" x 2", mini and crown size Fold & Staple Holders as well as Coin Album refill or replacement pages. The Vinyl Pages, in addition to being great for the fold and staple coin holders, are also available for storing currency, photographs and documents. Vinyl pages can also be used to hold: tokens, 2" x 2" slides, medals, post cards, bottle caps, buttons, badges, match books, or just about any small collectible. All types of vinyl pages fit the standard 3 ring binder and make a showcase for the items you so proudly want to display.

Non-gerrous and ferrous metals corrode when they react with gases such as Carbonyl Sulfide (COS), Sulfur Dioxide (SO2), Hydrogen Chloride (HCI) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S). These gases are formed by a variety of natural sources such as decaying vegetation, the burning of fossil fuels, and wetlands. These common gases invade virtually all environments. Over time, they can cause damage to coins.

Jake's "Coin Preservation" page list supply items that will greatly increase the protection of your coins from the dangers of these gases in addition to some products that will neutralize all corrosive gases and render them harmless.

For the most economical way to sort and store bulk quantities of coins nothing beats Coin Tubes. Unless you an old timer like me that was sorting coins before "coin tubes," the best thing we could do back than was to amass a large quantity of baby food jars, Marlboro cigarette boxes or cigar and tobacco tins. Coin Tubes, make me realize that the "good old days" just were not that good, when it came to coin sorting — Jake.

Pocket size coin wallets are a very convenient way of transporting your coins or medals while attending club meetings, coin shows, or the periodic visit to your safety deposit box.

We stock both the flat as well as the cartridge type coin wrappers. The flat wrappers pop open with just a squeeze for ease of use. The cartridge type are a real time saver for those larger coin rolling jobs.

Currency Albums are the deluxe way to go when organizing your currency collection for display or storage purposes.

From individual currency sleeves, vinyl pages or rigid plastic holders for those expensive and rare notes you're sure to find something to meet all of your currency packaging requirements.

A good quality magnifier is one of the best tools a coin collector can have! We recommend that you have several different glasses to aid you in the wide range of all your magnification and hobby needs. Whatever your preference is in Magnifiers we’re sure we have a glass that will fit your own personal needs exactly!

There is not much we can do about humidity. When the conditions are right it just naturally surrounds us. We can however protect our coin storage areas from the dangers of moisture and dampness with Silica Gel.
Looking for a simplified way to inventory and track the value of your collection? Check out Jake's excellent selection of Inventory Management Software for U.S. Coins, Currency, Coin Grading, Books and Casino Chips!

These are items that although they may be listed elsewhere under one or more different categories, we have singled them out under the heading of "Specialty Items," because we have devoted an entire page exclusively to tell you about them in greater detail. This way, you will get a much broader picture of what is available for that particular category, such as: Birth Year Holders, Custom Wood Plaques, Littleton brand Folders & Albums, Commemorative Jefferson nickel holders, Silver & Gold Eagle Holders, Sacagawea Dollars, Statehood Quarters, Presidential dollar holders, folders, deluxe coin albums, and wall displays, and a nice selection of Silver Dollar belt buckles.

A good quality stapler makes all of your stapling jobs, large or small, an enjoyable task that is accomplished in a shorter period of time.

Jake's Coin Supply General Information

5% Special Discount to All Numismatic Web Surfers 50%

Jake's offers a Special discount on all coin supplies featured at our web site. This discount will range from 5% to as high as 50% off the retail price. The discount will be shown on each item with a listing of the full retail price followed by the Jake's Special Price to you.

Your choice of coin supplies and accessories should be a matter of preference and/or price. If you are building a series of coins by picking through pocket change, it doesn't make much sense to put $5.00 worth of 10¢ coins into a $20.00 deluxe album. On the other hand, if you are collecting higher grade, more expensive coins, we do not recommend that you place them in a $2.99 cardboard folder. Inexpensive folders will not give you adequate protection for your higher quality coins.

The same holds true for the packaging and storing of individual coins. Low-value coins can be put into inexpensive coin envelopes or tubes. Higher-valued coins should be housed in premium holders that will give them a higher degree of protection from handling and possible environmental damage.

As you browse Jake's supply pages, you will see some comments to guide you in making the right decision as to which coin supply or accessory best suits your individual needs.

Jake's Marketplace, Inc. has always been known for its extensive stock of all popular coin supplies, accessories, albums, folders, valuation/reference books, magnifiers, holders, coin tubes, etc. You name it and chances are we've got it. If we don't have it, we can get it for you. Jake's is a specialist in special orders.

More coin supplies are always on the way. Bookmark this page and check back often!

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