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There are quite a few different Valuation Guides available to choose from so we divided them into 4 sub categories. Some Valuation Guides are just for U.S. Coins or U.S. Currency while others may have both Values for Coins as well as Currency. This also holds true for the valuation guides for World Coins and World Currency. There are also Specialized Valuation guides like the ones for Canadian Coins or Canadian Colonial Tokens and Error Currency.

Choose the Valuation that will best fit your specific needs. Valuation guides are a great source for information pertaining to all facets of coins and coin collecting in general.

Also be sure to take a look at our newest selection of Specialized Numismatic Literature which may also contain some Valuation Guides for World Currency that are not listed below!

.gif of a hand tooling magnifying glass World Notgeld (1914-1947) by Courtney L. Coffing
World Notgeld, 2nd edition, by Courtney L. Coffing is a comprehensive guide that contains up-to-date information and the largest collection of photographed Notgeld in a worldwide reference. There are more than 1,400 photos and 13,000 alphabetical entries by country and city. Coverage of metals, paper and cloth materials from the 60 nations that issued emergency money between 1914 and 1947 are included and there is a rarity grading index.

.gif of a hand tooling magnifying glass The Treasury, The Evolution of a British Institution (From 1066 to 1968)
by Henry Roseveare
The Treasury-The Evolution of the British Treasury by Henry Roseveare. This classic book covers from medieval times 1066 to 1968, covers historical and numismatic history through nearly a millennia. Published by Columbia University in 1969, long out of print and scarce! Nearly 400 pages of interesting information!  

World Paper Money Errors - Zyrus Press World Paper Money Errors by Morland C. Fischer
Well illustrated publication listing a wide variety of world currency errors. Over 200 examples help expand the collectors knowledge base!

.gif of the book Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money by Lance K. Campbell Silent Witnesses - Civilian Camp Money of World War II - By Ray & Steve Feller
Civilian Camp Money of World War II is definitely a guide through history. Authored by Ray and Steve Feller, the book will help you with the identification and value of WW II Concentration Camp Money of all types, Paper Money, Chits, Tokens, Postal History and More.

.gif of Scott Travers book The coin collector's survival manuel Canadian Merchant Script - by R. J. Graham
The Charlton Press is pleased to announce the first edition of Canadian Merchant Scrip. This book fills a need that has long been felt in the paper money collecting community. The last priced listing of merchant scrip was a 47-page section at the back of The Charlton Standard Catalogue of Canadian Paper Money, published in 1980. Needless to say, the prices found there have been hopelessly out of date for a very long time. Not only are the values finally being brought up to date, but the information provided will be much more comprehensive, taking the book far beyond being a mere price list.

2011 23rd. Edition Charlton Canadian Government Paper Money - www.jakesmp.com Canadian Government Paper Money - By Grahm
This reference works on all Canadian Government paper money covers all issues from French Colonial, army bills, Provincial, Municipal, Province of Canada, Dominion of Canada and the Bank of Canada. Book also includes information on special serial numbers, errors, gives values for up to 7 different grade conditions and is completely illustrated with high quality photographs.

.gif of Krause's Standard catalog of world paper money vol. 1 specialized Krause Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Vol. I Specialized
Details commercial and local bank coverage and documents 250 years of issues from 370 issuing authorities. Over 17,500 notes are listed with 10,000 photos and fully revised market valuations.

.gif of Krause's standard catalog of world paper money vol. 2 general issues Krause Standard Catalog of World Paper Money Vol. 2 General Issues
This Standard Catalog of World Paper Money, Volume II, General Issues is the perfect resource for banknote collectors of all levels and skills. Weather you're a beginner or an accomplished Syngraphist, this catalog will propel you to the next level in paper money collecting. Completely revised and updated from previous editions, the new edition clearly identifies, describes and applies market value to prices and evaluates world paper money from 1368 to 1960 released by more than 230 note-issuing authorities.

.gif of Krause's book Standard catalog of world paper money vol. 3 for modern issues Krause Standard Catalog of World Paper Money 1961-Present Modern Issues
Covers all modern issues of world currency issued between 1961
to present . Includes data on 20,000 variety listings of world bank notes, 13,000 illustrated bank notes for easy identification, Current retail prices in two grades of condition and Country signature charts for specific variety identification.

.gif of Warman's book on coins and paper money by Berman Warman's Coins & Paper Money - By Berman
As a value and identification guide Warman's Coins & Paper Money covers ancient, medieval, and modern coins, paper money, art medals, bank checks, commemoratives, mint sets and tokens all in one handy resource.

.gif of the book Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money by Lance K. Campbell Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money - By Lance K. Campbell
This book is a must have for anyone who is interested in Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money.  It covers POW camp money from the Boer War, World War I, World War II, the Vietnam War, and periods in between wars. It covers most countries of the world, and is the most comprehensive book available on the subject of Prisoner of War and Concentration Camp Money.

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