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Coin & Currency Storage Boxes

Coin and currency storage boxes are an ideal way to store and organize your coins or notes once you have them in holders. We also have Storage Boxes for Certified Coins and Roll storage boxes to protect those new Statehood quarter rolls.

Guardhouse - Capsule, Slab & Currency Boxes. Guardhouse offers one of the most diverse and extensive selections of fine quality presentation and storage boxes for individual and multiple coin configurations. Their selection of slab boxes offer you the versatility of a presentation box for a single or double slab as well as storage boxes that will hold multiples of from 5 to 30 slabs. To round out this exciting assortment of presentation and storage boxes Guardhouse has a selection of paper money boxes for certified currency.

Coin Gift Boxes
In addition to our selection of coin storage boxes be sure to take a look at our selection of Coin Gift Boxes which include boxes for individual coins, special occasion theme boxes for birthday's, anniversary's, and graduations, and a selection of presentation cases.

Coin Storage Boxes
A selection of single, double and triple row coin storage boxes for the mini 1 1/2" x 1/1/2", standard 2" x 2" and the crown size 2 1/2" x 2 1/2" coin holders as well as storage boxes for certified coins.

Currency Storage Boxes
These boxes are a great way to organize some of your duplicate notes or your entire collection. They will fit into most safety-deposit boxes and are a great way to transport your notes to and from coin club meetings or coin shows.

Air-Tite Display Card & Frame Holder Storage Boxes
Custom designed boxes to store the Air-Tite display cards or frame holders.

Coin World Premier Coin Holder Storage Box
The stackable Premier Coin World Coin Case is designed to hold up to 25 Premier CW Coin Holders or PCGS and NGC Certified coins.The opaque black plastic bottom contains slots for the holders, while the clear top permits users to view the ID tags of the holders inside the case.

Eagle 2" x 2" Storage Box
Custom storage box for the Eagle 2" x 2" coin holders.

Frosty Case Coin Holder Storage Box
Whitman has two different size coin storage boxes for their 2" x 3" and the 3" x 5" Frosty Case Coin Holders. Both boxes will hold 20 of the coin holders. Boxes have a flocked interior with dividers to keep the holders in an upright position.

Intercept Shield 2" x 2" Storage Boxes
Single & double roll Storage boxes lined with Corrosion Intercept ® for coins in 2" x 2" coin holders.

Intercept Shield Certified Coin Storage Boxes
Single & double row Storage boxes lined with Corrosion Intercept ® for ICG, PCGS and NGC encapsulated certified coins and a single row box for ANACS certified encapsulated coins.

Intercept Shield Storage Box for Sports Cards
Single row Storage box lined with Corrosion Intercept ®. for Sports cards. Box will hold approximately 800 cards.

Proof Set Storage Box
This Proof Set Collection Box is a new and safe way to store your treasured proof sets! This handsome storage box is velvet-lined and will hold up to 10 Proof sets per box. Lovely Silver-Foiled Eagle and Shield on top lid. Size: 6" x 10" x 4"

Roll & Coin Tube Sorting & Storage Boxes
These sturdy Roll & Coin Tube Storage Boxes are made of heavy chipboard with reinforced corners, a color-coded leatherette finish and dividers to hold your bank wrapped rolls or round and square tubes.
This box is long-lasting and ideal for organizing your rolls and duplicates that are in coin tubes.

Whitman Graded Currency Storage Boxes
Conveniently store your professionally graded currency in your choice of three different graded currency storage boxes. Although these well constructed boxes were designed for graded currency, they will also hold a variety of other collectibles.

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