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These are items that although they may be listed under one or more different categories we have singled them out under the heading of "Specialty Items" because we have devoted a page exclusively to tell you all about them in detail. This way you will get a broader picture of what is available for that particular category.

Baby Gifts
Jake's Baby Gift page is a complete list of all the items we stock that are great gifts for the newborn baby. Anyone of these gift items would make a sensational add-on to a larger gift and surly to becomes a treasured family keepsake over the years.

Bicentennial 2009 Lincoln Cent Coin Folders / Coin Holders / Coin Albums
Master index page of all the items we stock for the new Bicentennial Commemorative Lincoln cents.

Birth Year Holders
A selection of holders designed exclusively to celebrate the blessed event of a new born child. Birth year holders make terrific gifts!

Carlisle Presidential Dollar Coin Displays
The Carlisle Presidential Dollar coin display boards are one of the most attractive displays available for your Presidential dollar coins. These custom designed presentation boards are suitable for wall and desktop use and it doesn't take much imagination to visualize how gorgeous this display is going to look in your home, office, or den.

Commemorative Jefferson Nickel Holders
A selection of coin holders devoted exclusively to the Commemorative Jefferson nickel issues of 2004 and 2004 honoring the Lewis and Clark expedition.

Custom Wood Plaques
Oak plaques, the perfect finishing touch to display your numismatic treasures and a great gift item.

Presidential Dollar
A selection of holders, folders, albums and display boards to accommodate the Presidential Dollar coin series.

Silver & Gold Eagle Holders
Selection of coin holders made exclusively for the U.S. $1.00 Silver Eagle coins.

Sacagawea Dollars
A selection of holders, folders, albums and display boards to accommodate the Sacagawea dollar.

Silver Dollar Belt Buckles
Belt buckles that will hold a Morgan, Peace, or Eisenhower dollar coin, as well as a 39 MM stone. Great Gift Item!

Statehood Commemorative Quarters
A selection of holders, folders, albums and display boards to accommodate the 50 State Commemorative quarters.

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