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Back in 1951 when I first started collecting coins, I did not know anyone at that time that was collecting World Currency. Even in the immediate years to follow while attending coin club meetings World Currency was never a topic of discussion. At the local and major coin shows that I attended there was hardly any real interest in U.S. Currency let alone World Currency.

Today, that has all changed. The collecting of both U.S. and World Currency has become a very popular and challenging area of numismatics. One of the nicest things about collecting World Currency is that there are quite a few notes that can be purchased for just pennies on a dollar in relation to their high denomination.

Our current selection of World Currency at this time consists of some great Starter Sets. This is an excellent way to get acquainted to this fascinating area of collecting World currency. Here is something to keep in mind when making comparison in the various assortments we are offering. The larger the assortment is, the higher the average cost of the note will be. That's because, as the size of the assortment grows, more of the higher denomination and difficult to come by notes are used to put the assortment together.

Our Selection of World Currency Features:

Starter Assortments
Great way to start a collection of world currency.

Euro Dollar Specimen Sets
These sets are destined to become real collector's items in the years ahead.

Individual Notes by Country
All notes are properly graded, competitively priced, and are housed in a protective acetate currency sleeve.

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