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We have provided the following information that should help resolve this problem.

:- Issues out of our control. -:


06/19/2017 - We are building a NEW website! This version of the website you are reading is going to be replaced in 2017. We are still moving products into the new site and that is the part that is taking so long..........

I'm sure you will find it will bring Jaks's up to speed with other e-commerce websites you find online today. The new site will have search feature, inventory control, more images, the ability to message us from within the website, customer history (sorry only based on new sales activity) and increased online security! We do not have an exact date when the new website will go online, but we expect to be online late June 2017.

We will contined to run the old website at Jakesmp.net, but it will be harder to go back and update the old website to remove sold out items. - Thank you! Michael Jacobs, Jake's.




01/18/2016: Our coin, currency and other various product pages are returning a white screen when you request the page, or do a search.

The service that provides the secure check out at our website has blocked the server that provides this feature.

They say it's for security reasons, and did so with no warning so we have to make some changes to our website.

I am working on getting these pages to once again display!

I'm sorry, some of the areas of our website will lose the search feature to quickly find coins in our list.

Our fix: We are buidling a new website, but it will take time to move over all of the inventory. The new website should be up and running mid-March 2017 !

Please call us Toll-Free at 888-487-5253 if you wish to place an order today. Thank you, Jake's

- Thank you for your patience in this matter.


Paypal Error Code

Error Code 10486

Paypal's Answer: Error code 10486 is returned to merchants when a buyer's payment fails due to a bad funding method (typically an invalid or maxed out credit card).

Our Experience: Yes, the card could be declined for PayPal's reasons, however could be Paypal systems need you to revisit your Profile page and update your card for billing address, account number and if the CVV (the 3-digit Security number) found on the reverse of your card is correct.

We have also learned it's best to indicate if your using a Debit Card for payment to update PayPal to indicate this is a Mastercard or Visa card. Some bank debits cards require a personal PIN to be used to authorize the payment, if PayPal does not provide a way to include a personal PIN request during check out your transaction will fail.


Yahoo - 2016

Time period starting June and still exist.

We are investigating this issue with our ISP.

Yahoo.com E-mail customers;

Yahoo.com is SPAM BLOCKING E-mails long before you would see them. Apparently they block entire Internet Service Providers ISP's by IP address and not just single users by E-mail address.

- Plainly said - WE DO NOT SPAM ANYONE WITH UNECESSARY E-MAILS, we conduct business only messages with our customers via E-mail.

If you are a @yahoo.com E-mail customer and have placed an order at our website and do not get your order confirmation, blame Yahoo.com. We are sorry to report you might also not get the mailing confirmation of your tracking numbers or any attempts to get any message we try to send you about your order. - Option: consider getting a free Gmail account or one with another online service.


I did not a reply to my E-mail....

I did not get my order confirmation...

I did not get my tracking details....

If your using spam filter please include the following E-mail address;

For your order confirmation: support@americart.com

For tracking details: shipping@jakesmp.com

General replies from Jake's about your order: Orders@jakesmp.com, and/or Orders@jakesmp.net

For general questions submitted from our website: Question@jakesmp.net.


:- Issues about shopping www.jakesmp.com -:

Problem Solution: Most popular reason listed first!
Can only keep one item in the shopping cart. To store the cart contents your internet web browser must accept cookies. The following web page link provides instructions for enabling cookies in most browsers: Browser's cookie functionality turned off (Google.com Help page)

This Cookies is also time sensitive and will expire, users should check the date/time settings on their computer. If the date is set incorrectly on your computer the web browser may have trouble storing cookies.

Can not add additional items to shopping cart:

Internet Explorer:

Select: Tools, Internet Options, this will open the Internet Options dialog box.
Select the Tab "Privacy", and Click on the Box "Sites", this is the Per Site Privacy Actions for managing website's. in the dialog box is a field " Address of website " type in or cut/paste the URL below.


When done, click on the "ALLOW" button. OK in the dialog box to close this window.

ACTION: Approving the server used to shop our website will enable you to add additional items to your shopping cart.

Can not add additional items to shopping cart:


Click on Tools
Scroll down and click on Options
Select the header Privacy
Click on Exceptions
Type "Cartserver.com" in the Address of web site box
select Allow if you are using a private computer
or allow for session if it is a shared computer

Allow for session will clear all of your cart and address information once the program is closed, where as Allow will store this information until your cookies are cleared.

You must Correct Shipping Options before checking out. 

Error Shipping:

Click on Link, "you must Correct shipping options before checking out;
Please review "Country" check down box and Zip code
"Shipped to you via" If USA customer make sure "US Post Office Priority Mail International" is not checked. 

US zip codes must be 5 numbers or 9 numbers.

Go back a page and revise your postal zip code
International buyers that have postal codes need to fill in a code! 

If less than 5 digits fill blank digits in with periods. 

Check Sum Error

Charge card number sequence is incorrect. - Please review your card numbers and the data entered. 
Security Number Incorrect or Missing. 

Shopping cart not letting me check out: 

 Firewall Software:

Add this website to your approved list  https://www.cartserver.com 

This is the website/server we do the secure processing at, this is where you complete your order with Jake’s.

Shopping cart not letting me check out: 

 Firewall Software:

Add this website to your approved list  https://www.cartserver.com 

This is the website/server we do the secure processing at, this is where you complete your order with Jake’s.

Shopping cart not letting me check out: 


Ad-Aware has a program called “Ad-Watch”, this program is know for blocking the move to our secure page.

You can temporarily turn this off during our check-out procedure to get past this screen.

AOL:  AOL Version 9.0, the web browser has been know to cause issues, and not just with our site. Best alternative is to use another Internet Browser program. See "Alternative Browsers:" below.
Internet Explorer: Internet Options: 

       - Security, Security levels for this zone set to Medium-high

       - Trusted Sites add this site; https://www.cartserver.com


       - Per site Privacy Actions add this site https://www.cartserver.com and click on the Allow Button!     

Internet Explorer:

Reset your browser to Default Settings.

Go to; TOOLS, INTERNET OPTIONS, SECURITY look for the option "Reset all zones to default level".

We run our Explorer Browser setting at Medium-High and this functions fine.

Pop-up Blockers:

Google, Yahoo, Internet Explorer and other "Browser Helper"/“Tool-Bar” programs.

These offer ways to protect you from pop-ups, but often people have had two or more of these programs running at one time. Two programs doing the same thing can have ill effects on your machine and can cause conflicts.

Here is a good list of Pop-up blockers and details on how to disable these.


Yahoo! Tool-Bar:

Provided by:

AT&T, direct from Yahoo!

Confirmed, use of the Pop-Up Blocker is known to prevent users from adding items to the shopping cart.

Zone Alarm:

Sorry, we have not been able to test this program as yet, but suspect that versions; ZoneAlarm® Internet Security Suite, Pro and Anti-Spy ware might caused you to get stopped at our payment option page. These three version provide protection against website redirection. At our site the selection of your payment choice creates this browser condition.

If you can add the website names "www.jakesmp.com"," www.jakesmp.com" and "www.cartserver.com" to your website approval list this might allow you to navigate past this page and complete the check out process.

What now:

If you can not get past this page we can still assist. If you can go back one screen, save this page to disk then E-mail your order to us. You can fax also this order to 847-277-9815 with your personal contact details,  or call us directly at 888-487-5253 M-F 10 am-5 pm cst. and we can directly assist you.

Alternative Browsers:

Mozilla's Firefox - FREE online at http://www.mozilla.com/en-US/firefox/ .

Google Chrome - FREE online at http://www.google.com/chrome?hl=en&brand=CHMI

Any other questions about this matter please E-mail me at Question@jakesmp.net

Thank you!


Contact Us Toll Free - 1-888-487-5253
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