Coin Values & Appraisals

Curious about the value of some old coins and currency you have?

Listed below are some excellent books that are very informative, easy to understand, and will provide you with the information you are seeking about coin values.

Additional information on coin values may be obtained by checking out Jake's current Buying Prices for United States Coins.We do coin appraisals for Estates, Banks, Insurance Companies and Individuals nationwide. If you are in need of a professional coin appraisal call 1-847-277-9814 and ask for Michael Jacobs to inquire about our hourly and daily rates.

North American Coins & Prices
The North American Coins & Prices is a guide to United States, Canadian and Mexican coins.

Blue Book
Industry standard with wholesale values for all U.S. Coins.

Red Book
Industry standard with retail values for all U.S. Coins.

Charlton Standard Catalogue Of Canadian Coins
This is the most comprehensive guide to coins used in Canada from 1600' to the present. Also covers Foreign coins utilized in Canada, local pre-decimal coins, specimen coins, test tokens, patterns, trial pieces and official fabrications are all examined.

Confederate States Paper Money
Confederate States Paper Money covers both Confederate and Southern States issues of the American Civil War (1861-1865) and the Reconstruction period.

Guide Book of United States Currency
The Guide Book of United States Currency by Whitman covers large, small and fractional currency and provides market values in up to seven grades.

Krause Standard Catalog of World Coins 1901 to Date
The Standard Catalog of World Coins by Chester L. Krause and Clifford Mishler gives you over one million prices covering practically every coin of the 20th century. In this one indispensable volume, you'll discover everything you want to know about virtually any coin from 1901 through early 2000, including valuations in up to four grades of preservation, accurate mintage figures, metallic composition, precious metal weights, mint and privy marks, dating, design details and historical background.

Official Blackbook of U.S. Coins
Gives retail prices as well as dealers ABP (average buying prices.)

Official Blackbook of U.S. Currency
Gives retail prices as well as dealers ABP (average buying prices.)

Official Blackbook of World Coins
Gives retail prices as well as dealers ABP (average buying prices.)

Paper Money of the United States
Large, small and fractional. This is the "Currency Bible" by Friedberg.

Small Size Paper Money
The most complete works on small-size U.S. Currency by Oakes and Schwartz.

Warman's Coins & Paper Money
As a value and identification guide Warman's Coins & Paper Money covers ancient, medieval, and modern coins, paper money, art medals, bank checks, commemoratives, mint sets and tokens all in one handy resource.

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