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Trinkets - Knickknacks - Doodads & Whatnots

Double Sided Coins$1.00 Federal Reserve Note with repeating Serial Number www.jakesmp.comThree Inch U.S. Coin replicas

Novelty Coins and Currency items are a diverse collectible field all their own.
Odd, Unusual and often entertaining!

Giant Coin Replicas

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From Indian 1¢ to $1.00's
& Statehood 25¢.

Double Sided Coins

Both Heads & Tails
from 1¢ to $1.00

Coin Jewelry

Gorgeous 2-Toned Gold & Silver  -

Gorgeous 2-Toned
Gold & Silver
Money Clips

Silver Dollar Belt Buckles

27 Different to Choose From
Terrific Gift Item!

$1.00 FRN Repeating Serial Number

A real collector's item.

American Art Classic Commemorative Currency Collectibles

Santa's List 911 Anniversary Note Civil War

Large selection of different notes to choose from.

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